4th Edition Exalted

Session 6

Uthman and Roar head to the hills, followed by about 10 of Uthman’s newest followers. They make a hasty trek into the surrounding jungle thanks to Roar’s scouting expertise. They loop around north of town. On their first camping trip they encounter a native of the jungles to the north, named Reyapa. Reyapa is curious about Uthman and Roar, and relays that he is tired of his villagers being grabbed up for slaves by the empire. The party, with Reyapa walk back to Jade Creek where a plan is created to have Uthman enter the mines as an erstwhile slave and do something.

Uthman successfully infiltrates the slave camp. He spreads the word to his fellow slaves when they are returned to their sleeping quarters for a week.

The next day, he is led with the rest of the slaves to the mining location, which is scaffolding on a cliff. He chooses this opportunity to attempt to incite a slave rebellion from atop the scaffolding. After listening to his diatribe against the Scarlet Empire for about 3 minutes, one of the Dragon Blooded guards decide to end it by launching an Elemental Bolt at him. Uthman was wounded but bravely continued speaking until another Elemental Bolt wounded him enough he decided it would be wiser to take cover.

When Roar, waiting in the north of town saw some disturbance in the camp, he began running as quickly as he could. He managed to dispatch the two Dragon Blooded close to Uthman before they could finish him off. He collected Uthman and ran off into the jungle once more.



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