4th Edition Exalted

Session 7

Uthman and Roar return to the fort. Uthman heals up. While they were gone, Stone Tree and the other disciples had gathered up as many people(600, roughly 300 of which are fighting men) as they could with tales of throwing off the yoke of the empire and following Uthman. Amongst these include Delavar, the local priest-leader of the Izhalvi. He is excited about bringing back the Unconquered Sun as the new spiritual guidance of the people. He feels Ahlat is a selfish god.

He complains about the deprivations of the Totikari on his people. Uthman and Roar decide that this is not what is needed to unite the people under one banner. They go into the countryside, tack down a Totikari raiding party and dispatch the leader. Uthman ‘persuades’ the remaining Totikari to preach the word of the Unconquered Sun. They return to the fort. Kavuli Njia appears and warns them of a large army with 5 dragon-blooded coming.



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