4th Edition Exalted

Session 5

The party watched the weekly shipment of Jade from Bent Creek, guarded by a hundred empire foot soldiers and at least 3 Dragon-Blooded walk past the captured fort. They were apparently not interested in trying to capture the fort back.

The party sent their loyal followers to recruit more villagers for the shining path. While this is happening they decided they had best scout out the Bent Creek mining town.

Upon arriving at Bent Creek Uthman made a beeline for the nearest large bar and began spreadng the message of the Shining Path. He bent the people in the bar to his will and they were resolved to go out and tell the people the Good News. Uthman’s brow was shining(literally) from the effort so the PC’s deigned to stay in the bar. After an hour a Dragon Blooded officer showed and demanded to know who was spreading blasphemy. He was quickly cut down by Rage. After which the party fled town.

Session 4

The PC’s managed to invade the fort, driving out the soldiers within.

Session 3

The party, with the help of Kavuli Ngia, managed to ambush a troops of Empire soldiers led by a Dragon-Blood. A midnight attack routed the soldiers. They decided to move on to Hashoun Valley Fort.

Session 2

The party convinced the village of Kivuli Maemba that their cause was just. Some young soldiers of the village joined them in their crusade against the Scarlet Empire. The traveled through the immediate perimeter in order to recruit more soldiers for their burgeoning revolution. At the end of 5 days, they had gathered around 60 young soldiers.. virtually all the able-bodied men and women fromt he surrounding area.

They were approached on the fifth day by a strange woman in a cloak, the goddess Kivuli Njia. She asked that they help kill a demon that had been poisoning her pool. She gave them a lasso made of the wood of her tree which she said would keep the demon from dissapearing on them.

The party hunted down the demon, the Gazelle that Hunts Man, and slew it. They then cleared out the the rotting bodies the demon had been collecting to poison Njia’s oasis.

Session 1

Uthman was preaching the good word at Devil Heart’s village. Petyr, a local dragon-blooded came up to the village in response to rumors that a blasphemous priest was preaching against the Immaculate Philosophy. Petyr took it on his hands to raze the village.

Petyr hung the party from a tree. The party hung overnight then Exalted in the morning. They went back to village, found every one dead. Ran on to next village, found Petyr and killed him. His soldiers ran off.


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